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D.F. Tester
C.T. Meter
Last Update: 05/30/2016


D.F. Tester (Dynamic Friction Tester)

D.F. TesterThis is an easy-to-use portable device to measure dynamic coefficient of friction. The device has started to draw attention in many countries around the world including Japan. It is the first portable device to be introduced which can determine the speed dependence using straightforward physical principles.

ASTM E-1911-98


· Measured values indicate direct readings of dynamic coefficient of friction.
· The values do not need to be converted.
· It has a good reproducibility.
· It is easy to carry as it is designed to be compact (A small van type car is large enough to carry it).
· Measurement can be performed in the field or in the laboratory as it is powered by a DC12V DC (car) battery. In the laboratory an optional AC/DC converter can be used.
· It is not operator dependent.
· A portable personal computer or an X-Y plotter can be used to record the data.


C.T. Meter (Circular Track Meter)

C.T. Meter This is a device to measure pavement macrotexture. It is a non-contact style macrotexture measuring device using a charge coupled laser-displacement sensor. The C.T. Meter reports the Mean Profile Depth (MPD) and the Root Mean Square (RMS). The IFI (International Friction Index) can be computed in using the C. T. Meter with the D.F. Tester.

ASTM E-2157-01
ASTM Name : Circular Track Meter

· Very small, light weight (approx. 13 kgs.) and easy to operate. It can measure to anyone.
· Short time for a measurement (approx. 45 seconds). It is not operator dependent.
· An automobile battery (12V DC, 24W) is used for power supply.
· The number of samples per one rotation is divided into 8 segments for computation of each MPD and/or RMS. The overall MPD can also be obtained.



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